Saturday, September 24, 2016

Sold my OSB (Norbord) again

I have now sold my OSB (Norbord) shares for the third time. Twice I dumped them all. I am OSB free at the moment. I think Norbord may have the ability to climb even higher but I worry it will take a bit of a breather. I don't want to be caught holding the stock if a correction should appear while the stock is depressed.

In the past 12 months I have watched my TFSA grow by more than 22.5%. My posted chart does not reflect the more than $2100 removed from the plan in order to pay expenses encountered in retirement.

And I must admit that much of my wonderful return is thanks to one holding, my Norbord position. I can't say it has been easy beating the benchmark. More luck than smarts. I also have a big chunk of my savings in Dream Office REIT and it has had a terrible year. The collapse in the oil price took an awful toll on the value of its Calgary and Western Canada holdings. But D.UN pays a nice dividend which looks to be relatively secure now and so I hold on and enjoy my monthly payments.

If OSB should drop down below $31, I may consider buying in again. I believe it will have a pop in the dividend in the future. Because of this, it would not be the worst stock to get stuck holding.

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