Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Dream Office REIT

I like Dream Office REIT despite the fact that the stock has gone down considerably since originally attracting my attention. Luckily I have bought more on the big dips. Because of my recent buys, I'm not doing all that badly on the investment.

Dream Office REIT cut its dividend and the price has tumbled considerably from the highs it had reached a little more than a year ago. Today I feel the dividend is safe and the unit price, I believe, will climb at some point in the future. I don't have a crystal ball.

And what exactly is the yield today? Answer: 8.11%. That's a very nice yield. And if I'm right, and it's safe, that is a yield on which a retired person can do some living or, at least, pay some bills. If D.UN stays depressed, under $19, and I am able to assemble a little cash, for instance selling my shares of Norbord Inc. (OSB), I'm going to buying a little more D.UN.

Remember, I am not an advisor. I am just a simple retired fellow trying to make ends meet. Before buying Dream Office REIT, check with your own financial advisor and get some expert advice.

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