Tuesday, March 29, 2016

AHF suspends its dividend

Aston Hill Financial (AHF) has suspended its dividend. Ouch.

I bought some AHF after reading a positive review posted by one of the big Canadian banks. I had an investment that was managed by AHF and it had done quite nicely over the years.

My investment started out as BTH.UN, an ETF from Barclay's, and then its ownership changed and changed again. Eventually it ended up in the AHF stable.

AHF seemed like a good company, my investment had always done well. AHF seemed to know what they were doing. I decided to invest directly in the company. I cashed in my investment managed by AHF and bought some stock in the company itself. Bad move.

AHF climbed briefly and then hit the skids. It is now but a fraction of what it was when I bought my stock. And now, the dividend has been suspended. It had already been cut. Now, the dividend is gone.

Will AHF regain its footing. I hope so. As it wilted my other investments have grown. I am still making more than four percent on my investments and I'm still able to live quite nicely on the income. But one never likes to see an investment go sour. That said, I'm not sweetening the pot by adding any more money to my AHF investment. I'll slide AHF to the side and wait patiently to see how this game unwinds.

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