Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Screener portfolio holding lead.

It is only January 6th and so it is a little early to say much about the performance of my various demo portfolios. But it is interesting to note that the best performer has been the portfolio of a dozen stocks selected using the Screener function of my self directed portfolio software supplied by TD Waterhouse.

For me, what will be important is the total amount of cash delivered by each portfolio. Clearly, if the portfolio performs well enough, selling a little of the portfolio to raise money to live in retirement is not a problem. But, I much prefer a well performing portfolio churning out adequate cash to live. My present portfolio delivers enough dividends to fund my retirement but it has not held its value well in the present market. Hence, this little portfolio experiment.

I've mentioned the Couch Potato as a source of information on how to structure a portfolio to run almost on automatic pilot. I've run tests with the previous couch potato portfolios and in my most recent tests they have done quite well. Any portfolio with American market exposure has done well over the past year or so. The American market has been on a roll.

Another source of portfolio strategies is the Vanguard Group in Canada. I have used two of their strategies in structuring my ten demo portfolios.

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