Tuesday, November 11, 2014


The new performance graphing software now offered by TD WebBroker is a great way of getting a handle on a portfolio's volatility. I have an account with WebBroker that I feel has done quite nicely and a check of the performance chart tells the story. It has been a steady performer without any volatility except for one brief dip.

I can compare this steady performance with that of the TSX. When I do, I find that the TSX fell into a deep trough at the time my portfolio was simply suffering a little downward blip. Big falls are hard to stomach. Little ones, not so much.

The TSX recovered fairly quickly and moved above my portfolio on the chart and stayed there for months. Come November the TSX hit another rough patch and fell to just below my portfolio graph line. The TSX has again recovered again but I'm sure I happier with my solid, straight-arrow performance than with the roller-coaster ride offered by the market.

At present, I'm down compared to the TSX but with much less volatility.

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