Friday, October 17, 2014

Correction? Bear Market? What to do?

I keep all my portfolio/investment records on an Excel spreadsheet. When I get to seeing the past with rose coloured glasses, I can quickly look back and see that all was not a smooth ride to the top. For instance, I had a year when I ended those 12 months with about 22 thousand less dollars than I had begun the year.

That year I had removed about thirty thousand to live. If I hadn't made that withdrawal, I would have ended the year in black like all the others. But I do have to live, maybe not as well as I did, but removing money from a retirement account in retirement is not just expected but demanded.

So far this year I have removed about 25 thousand from my portfolio in order to cover living expenses. Even with that big draw down, my portfolio is still up today by some eight thousand dollars. Yesterday alone it recovered about $1800 from its recent low.

Will I remove more from my RSP before year's end. I don't know. If such a move puts my portfolio in the red, I probably won't. I'll leave the money invested and possibly invest much of the available cash.

At times like this it is good to have some stocks on one's investment radar. I am following:

BEP.UN (Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners LP) Up 2.8% today, yielding 5.1%
BPY.UN (Brookfield Property Partners LP) Up two thirds of a percent today, yielding 4.6%
CPG (Crescent Point Energy Corp) Up 3.9% today, yielding 7.2%
EMA (Emera Inc.) Up half a percent today, yielding 4.4%
FTS (Fortis) Up half a percent today, yielding 3.7%
HR.UN (H&R REIT) Up a quarter of a percent today, yielding 6.3%
SJR.B (Shaw Communications Inc.) Down a quarter percent today, yielding 4.1%
XUT (iShares S&P/TSX Capped Utilities Index ETF) Up a quarter percent today, yielding 6.3%
WCP (Whitecap Resources Inc.) Up more than half a percent today, yielding 4.9%

If the market takes another big dip, I'll buy more good stock and enjoy the increased dividend payments in the coming years. If the market recovers, I'll remove more cash to cover living expenses and take my lovely wife out for dinner and a movie.

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