Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Buying opportunities on horizon

All my recent buys are flagging. Do I care? Of course I do, but I like to see a falling market as a buying opportunity and not a disaster. I have watched Emera for a long time. Today I noticed that its share price has dropped to the point that the yield is now a full 5 percent. Emera (EMA) is a good stock, a solid utility. For a retiree, it is a fine core holding.

Back in April EMA was peaking at $37. I may pick up some for $27. That is if the market begins to show signs of firming up. If not, if all stays soft, I may hold out for an even better price.

Fortis is another utility that I have on my radar. Sadly, it only yields 4 percent. Still it has dropped about a fifth of percent today. If it gets down to below $30, I'll start looking at picking up some FTS. With luck, I may see a yield of more than four and quarter percent.

I'm also watching the U.S. market. There are some ETFs I have been considering but their yields are too low. If the U.S. weakens to the point that I begin thinking of re-entering it, I'll post my thoughts.

Please keep in mind, I am not posting this stuff to tell you in what you should be investing. I offer no guidance. I am just letting you see how one retiree is getting by in these tough times. And so far, thanks to years of putting money aside for retirement, my wife and I are surviving quite nicely, thank you.

Remember the advice I've mentioned in the past: "Don't panic!"

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