Monday, November 11, 2013

Took the plunge: Bought some D-UN and REM

I took the plunge and bought some Dundee REIT and REM, the iShare mREIT ETF. I got the D-UN at $28.11 and the REM at $11.50 U.S.

I have watched both of these investments for some time and both were hitting what seemed like good entry points. Even if they drop a little, both of these investments pay a handsome dividend. These two have the muscle to dig themselves out of a hole, a small hole, if it should become necessary.

The REM purchase felt especially good. I have a goal for REM in my portfolio. Although REM commands only a very small portion of my overall investment allocation, this ETF punches well above its weight when it comes to delivering dividend income. I bought a little more than I should have according to my investment plan with hopes it would climb in value and allow me to sell some for a small profit.

I'll revisit these moves in the future and let you know how all this is playing out for me.

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