Thursday, November 14, 2013

Putting little bits of money to work: Maybe

I have some little bit of money sitting in couple of accounts. Little bits of money demand little investments: Penny stocks. Investments that cost less than $5 a share. B2Gold Corp (BTO) meets the criteria.

At less than $2.50, BTO is the right price. Its share price has come down over the past month. It appears to have bottomed and is now on an upward bounce. And best of all it passes the smell test. It appears to me to be a successful but undervalued little gold producer.

This morning I picked up 600 shares at $2.44. If it does well, it will give me a little extra money to do with as I please. If it does poorly, I won't lose any sleep.

And in passing, the Dundee REIT (D.UN-T) stock and the units of REM, an iShares ETF, are together enjoying a nice pop. I was up more than $400 on these two recent purchases when last I checked.

I have put some of my funds previously invested in the States to work and I continue to sit on the rest. I feel comfortable keeping some cash out of the game at the moment. It gives me the feeling that I have some wiggle room in a market that is pinching my worry nerve.

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