Friday, November 8, 2013

Looking for income and a little profit

REM, the U.S. iShares mREIT ETF, has dropped back to the very bottom of its long term range. The last time it dropped this low, I increased my holdings. If it drops again Monday, I think I'll may add to my position with a little extra with a eye to a small, quick profit after the little bump to the upside makes its appearance.

The other investment that has my eye is Dundee REIT (D.UN-T). This investment seems to be a little out of favour with many of the analysts at the moment. When it comes to Dundee I'm sitting with the contrarians. Come Monday, I'm going to try and pick up some up in the $28 range.

If REM climbs to $12.50 U.S., I'll take some profits. If Dundee hits $31, I'll do the same. I'll keep a little of both in my portfolio to enjoy the dividends.

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