Thursday, October 3, 2013

Looking back at Cathedral Energy: CET

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Some time back I talked about buying a little Cathedral Energy (CET). Some readers questioned the wisdom of this move and they made some good points. I wasn't surprised. No one has a crystal ball into the stock market's future. Investing is often a question-filled activity but for some of us it is a necessary activity.

As you may know, I'm retired. I need the dividends from my portfolio to live. I saw CET as a good source of income, its dividend yield well above my minimal four percent goal. I also thought CET showed signs of returning some nice growth.

So, how have I done? Well enough. I'm happy. I'm going to hold onto my CET. I think it still has legs and I still need the dividend income. (It may have some dips in its future but I can weather those thanks to what appears to be a rather secure dividend.)

I will not be adding to my position at present prices.

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