Friday, April 19, 2013

It may be a bear, but the claws aren't out; Yet.

To hear some of the business commentators on television going on and on about the awful bear market devouring all the year's profits and then some, you'd think the financial world had come to an end.

Tonight I downloaded the numbers from one bank to my Excel spreadsheet and input the numbers from my other account at another bank. I'm still in the black, not by much, but my numbers aren't red. What makes me smile is that I have taken ten grand out in order to live and I am still in the black.

My gut tells me that this bull still has some energy left to burn but my gut has been wrong in the past. I'm going to hold on, see how the financial world looks next week, and I may even try to buy some stuff.

The Romans used to read the entrails of sacrificial animals. I listen to the company quarterly profit reports, to the inflation announcements, the unemployment numbers . . . . I think the Romans could tell the future just about as well as I do.

Remember, I'm the fellow who bought CET at $3.90 because it was a bargain, thought PWT was a great deal when it dipped below $11. (PWT closed under $9 today!) Oh well, my AUSE, REM, SLF, ZUT — all relatively new adds to my portfolio — are still up nicely. Something has to be doing well that my financial head is still so nicely above the rising water.

Have a good weekend.

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