Friday, March 15, 2013

Kevin O'Leary: Delivering the truth (maybe)

"I'm not a tough guy. I'm just delivering the truth and only the truth and if you can't deal with it, too bad."
 — Kevin O'Leary

Kevin O'Leary is obnoxious and proud of it. He is definitely a land-on-his-feet kinda guy. But, is he a man to be  admired or mocked?

When I first caught the O'Leary schtick on BNN, I thought he was loud, and rude, but maybe knowledgeable. But, it didn't take long to begin thinking he was playing more the buffoon than the brain.

Since becoming disillusioned with O'Leary, I've read a lot about the man and very little of it has been flattering. A great deal of what one finds in the media is trying to strip away his oh-so-carefully manufactured brilliant entrepreneur persona to reveal a rather manipulative, mean-spirited, little man.

To read some of the stuff to  which I am referring, follow the links:

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Brainy Quotes

So, here is the question: If O'Leary is simply a naked promoter who enjoyed one very lucky break, a lucky break that almost destroyed one of North America's most successful companies (Mattel), why does a respected Canadian business school at one of Canada's top universities risk sullying its reputation by putting Kevin O'Leary on their Advisory Board? Could the answer be found in one of the following links?

Kevin O’Leary. Millionaire Success Story
Kevin O’Leary Shares Cold Hard Truth on Student Business Ideas
Too successful to retire 

I think it is safe to say O'Leary is a boor. I don' t think even he would argue with that. He might even agree that "I'm just delivering the truth . . . "

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  1. The truth of the answer (for me at least) is who cares! His schtick as you put it as become long, and being rude (a la Simon Cowell) is really the thing that keeps him employed. The more people talk about him, the longer he stays relevant. You want to rude the TV world of him... stop giving him publicity... it's that old adage, the only bad publicity is no publicity.