Friday, November 16, 2012

A lot of the shine has come off LIM

I just read that some stock pickers are lowering their target price on LIM. I checked  my ScotiaBank report and discovered the one year target is now $1.60. Not good. It seems odd that the stock is still rated 1-Sector Outperform. Since I bought in, the stock has dropped has lost 46.2 percent.

I've considered buying more and averaging my per share cost down to eighty some cents, but no. I'm just going to let this stock ride and see where it takes me. I can still see a profitable exit on the horizon, on the very distant horizon.

On the bright side, when I visited the TD site that I can access, there are four strong buy recommendations on LIM, two buy and six hold. The are no sell recommendations or even underperforms.

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