Friday, July 27, 2012

Taking a little off the table

Penn West had a nice little bump today as it followed along in lockstep with the market. I sold enough of my wife's PWT to give us the cash to get through the year. The small profit made from holding this stock for about a week was a nice bonus.

Now to sit back and wait. If all falls apart in the financial world, my wife and I have our dividends. If markets continue to simply stumble along, my wife and I have our dividends. If markets recover a little, hey, we have some profit along with our dividends.

Nothing is certain when one is guessing the future but I feel comfortable. I say, enjoy the feeling now because who know what the financial Gods have in store for us.

Some quick notes:

Cathedral Energy (CET) has finally made a solid move to the up side. Finally!
Penn West (PWT), as mentioned, has begun to get back into more familiar territory. I have my fingers crossed.
Sun Life Financial (SLF) climbed back into the black today. I heard a fellow on BNN say that he rather liked SLF. Nice to hear. (I have a friend who refuses to touch SLF as it was the insurance company, he says, featured in a CBC news show looking into travel insurance in Canada.)
My AUSE ETF is recovering from recent lows. Good to see. This says fear levels in Southeast Asia are receding.
From what I can see, almost the entire Canadian financial sector has had a rewarding day today.


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