Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Keeping your eye on the ball

As the markets bounce along, one day up and the next day down, it is important to watch the performance of one's portfolio and not get too hung up on what the rest of the world is doing. Find comfort in the stuff you own that is resisting the downward pressures of the moment and realize that all is not as bleak as the business pages of the paper would have you believe. (If some of the stuff I read is right, the world is coming to an end and I sure can't do much about that. That is out of my hands entirely. Oddly, this is very comforting.)

My overall portfolio is down. No surprise. But my Tax Free Savings Account is up. Not a year old, my TFSA is up 11.06 percent. Comforting. I bought Royal Bank at $45.01 and Cathedral Energy Services at $15.15. All very comforting.

I have a small RSP account that I opened at TD Canada Trust when I retired in 2009. That account is up nicely from its opening balance. It has about 14 percent in cash, gotta be ready for a really rainy day, and the rest is in Cathedral Energy Services, CPD (the iShares preferred Canadian shares ETF) and lastly the CIBC Monthly Income fund (CIB512). My most recent addition, CET, is up 2.7 percent today.

Not all of my relatively recent adds are up. AUSE is down 4.33 percent, SLF is down 5.77 percent and some of my early purchased shares of CET are down. Yet my REM, a real gamble, is still up nicely today: 12.7 percent in the black. Even my Singapore ETF is still humming along with a gain of 28.6 percent since purchase.

I confess my Penn West is struggling. But, I'm still rooting for the western oil and natural gas producer.

There is still lots to take comfort in. I'm cool.

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