Thursday, June 14, 2012

Read about Jamie Dimon and U.S. banking

How Jamie Dimon's New Business Model From Hell Could Take Down Wall Street – Again


An "Investment" office sans licensed investment brokers is the latest deregulatory mutation on Wall Street.
The linked piece is a co-exclusive with Wall Street on Parade.

Read this piece this concerning Jamie Dimon this morning and thought I'd post a link.

Do you recall when Dimon and Canada's Mark Carney had a bit of a dust-up? Here is a link to a Globe and Mail piece on Eric Sprott siding with Carney: Eric Sprott backs Carney in Dimon spat.

Some days I read this stuff and think that as a small investor I could just get trampled someday. The financial world seems to be a far riskier place than it should be in an ideal world. At least, riskier for folks like me. Those at the top seem to walk away with their fortunes fairly intact. It is heads they wind, tails the world loses.

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