Friday, June 29, 2012

I'm liking Gibson Energy and Trinidad Drilling

I've notice Gibson Energy Inc. (GEI) in the Canadian Income Plus Portfolio assembled and posted by ScotiaMcLeod. Today I heard a chap on BNN extolling the virtues of having a little GEI in one's portfolio. He said it was an especially good investment for the conservative investor looking for a low risk, dividend-paying spot to park money.

I did a little research. GEI looks good. It is now on my watch list. I also learned why I hadn't followed it in the past. It seems that Gibson was held privately until going public in June, 2011 with an IPO priced at $16 per share.

Gibson Energy Inc. (GEI) is at $20.51 at the moment and offers a yield of 4.9 percent.

If I notice GEI drop below $20, I'm in.

I've owned Trinidad Drilling (TDG) in the past. My entry point was just above $5. Recently I've watched the price dropping and considered jumping back in. Today I notice that TDG climbed 43-cents for an 8.19 percent gain.

I've put TDG back on my watch list and if it drops again, I may well buy a little. I like to wait until the yield is closing in on four percent. If it hits the magic four, I'm in.

I'm surprised my Cathedral Energy holdings haven't shown more life. Oh well, I'm patient and I'm getting a yield of almost six percent while I wait.

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