Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dumped DRW: Seemed like the right thing to do

Just a quick update.

Today I dumped my Wisdomtree Global ex-US Real Estate Fund. (DRW:NYSE) With DRW losing value quickly, I can imagine this fund dropping another ten percent. If it delivers a decent yield come the end of June and if it has dropped well over the ten percent, I might, I just might entertain buying a little. But, for the moment, I'm out.

With all the economic uncertainty in Europe, dumping this international ETF seemed prudent. It hasn't performed well, it hasn't delivered the expected yield; It has been a dog.

I am still up for the year with my portfolio. So, I feel good about getting out now and possibly buying some better yielding investments in the coming months. I'll give a list of the stocks I decide to buy in the coming days.


Still mulling over the questions posed by a reader. I'm learning a lot as I work through all the research info in order to arrive at some answers I can stand behind.

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