Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Have a goal; Have a target price

I like to have a target price for each of my holdings. If something blows by the target, I might lighten up a little. Dumping all can be a poor idea as target prices are not stationary. They are constantly on the move, both up and down. Don't sell everything on an unexpected gain. You can lose out on some nice profits.

So, today I noticed that according to Thomson Reuters, securities analysts revised their ratings and price targets on several Canadian companies, including Crescent Point Energy, 17 Canadian REITs and Penn West Petroleum. I own both Crescent Point and Penn West plus I own the XRE ETF.

News like this allows me to sleep well at night.

Oh, CPG now has the target of $50, PWT is now aiming for $23 and the REITs I checked have jumped from 50-cents to $3.00.

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