Thursday, November 17, 2011

Money Sense picks 100 stocks for retirement

Money Sense, awarded the title Magazine of the Year at the 34th Magazine Awards, has a November cover that grabbed me, just as it was supposed to: "Best Stocks to Retire On." "We rank Canada's Top 100 dividend payers," the cover said. I bit. I bought. I read.

It seems the Retirement 100, originally named the Income 100, was started in the summer of 2007 by the folks at Money Sense. Since that time the all-stars* in the list gained 39.2%. Impressive.

 * The All Stars
  1. Great-West Lifeco
  2. Husky Energy
  3. Power Financial
  4. Sun Life Financial
  5. TD Bank
A quick check of the 100 revealed, what I would call, a glaring error. Inter Pipeline (IPL.UN-T) is missing. This is a stock that has been listed as an investment in a number of retirement portfolios, and rightly so. I own it and I adore it.

IPL.UN-T has more than doubled its price in the past few years. The shares I own today, in a sense, didn't cost me a penny. You see, I sold more than half of my holdings for more money than my original investment. The four digit annual income the pipeline funnels directly into my pocket is much appreciated.

If you are interest in the Money Sense article, a condensed version is posted online. I think they may be holding back some info in order to encourage magazine sales. Who can blame them? It is certainly not a bad idea.

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