Monday, September 12, 2011

A rough week coming up

Can't sleep and so I got up and checked the Web. I learned that the markets in both Asia and Europe are down and down a lot. The Greek default situation has flared up again - big time.

I'm mentally preparing myself for some big losses in the coming days.

Before all this global financial stuff began unraveling I created a spreadsheet to estimate of my maximum losses in what I would term a financial meltdown. I am nowhere close to those absolutely horrid numbers but another potential daily hit of possibly two percent or more is frightening.

Oh well, it is too late to bail. I'm going to just try and ride this out. It is the 12th of the month today and by Friday I will have a nice bundle of dividends swelling my cash accounts. The 15th of each month as well as month ends are my paydays. This month, September, is a special treat as some investments only pay dividends every three months. September is one of those months.

And December, the end of the year, is only about three months away. December is my biggest month for income. As the dividends roll in, I'm going to keep putting them into what I see as good dividend paying investments. Buying low, or at least believing that I am buying low, should ease some of the financial pain I am about to endure.

If the markets have stabilized by December, maybe even recovered somewhat, I'll be even happier. Maybe I'll even sleep better and not be up blogging well before dawn.

Good luck in the coming week!

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