Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Portfolio yielding about a six percent

Let's take a look at some of my recent buys mentioned in my posts: ZUT is up 6.73%, yielding 5.2%; CPD is up 1.09%, yielding 4.79%; PWT is up about 1%, yielding about 6%; REM is up .22%, yielding 10.74%; AUSE is up .27%, yielding 6.45%. The lesson to take from this is that if one picks a down day to buy, almost anything you buy may well be a winner --- at least, in the short term.

As long as interest rates keep refusing to lift, CPD should perform as expected. It should provide a bit of portfolio solidity in an unstable financial world while, at the same time, delivering a nice dividend. PWT may yet revisit the under $17 price arena. If it does, it offers good value with a steady monthly dividend. Can oil, and even gas, stay down for long?

I bought all the mentioned ETFs and stock. I take my own advice. My portfolio is yielding about six percent in this down market. If it continues to show weakness, I will continue to buy more ETFs and some stock with my dividend flow. I might as well increase my income while I've got a chance.

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