Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bernie lost but half his clients won!

Read my updated take on Bernie Madoff while I work on expanding Rockin' On: Money.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Always invest such that you sleep at night...

Read the following in The New York Times today:

"Mr. Buffett refused to be drawn out on where stocks are headed, but he warned about the dangers of investing with borrowed money, or leverage, which proved disastrous when the crisis hit.

As for regrets, he has a few. His timing was bad, he concedes. He should have sold stocks sooner, before the markets tumbled. Then he served up a Buffettism that any investor might heed:

Asked if anything was keeping him awake at night, he said there was not. “If it’s going to keep me awake at night,” Mr. Buffett said, “I am not going to go there.” "

I am up about 30% for the year. Some of my investments have almost doubled in value, and others have lagged. I could have done better, if I had been bolder. But, I agree with Buffett - invest with an eye to sleeping at night.