Thursday, August 6, 2009

Advice for the Blogger Met at the Blogger Dinner

Last night there was a blogger dinner in London, Ontario. Once a month local bloggers get together for a face-to-face get together. They swap stories, laugh, share knowledge on how to best set up their personal sites . . .

One fellow there was talking about investing. He was just starting out and I foolishly told him that I was working on a site that addressed many of his concerns. My site is still in the formative stages, much of it is still be formed in my mind and has not made the transition into code.

If you are that fellow, here is a list of links that may do you some good. Cheers, Rockinon.

This post points out the dangers of not doing one's homework but simply entrusting your financial future to the experts.

One needs trusted benchmarks in order to judge how you are doing. If you made 10% on your investments while a no-brainer benchmark returned 20%, you're doing poorly. Read my post on benchmarks and follow the links. This is important.

If you are serious about investing, then read this and follow the link to Peter Ponzo site. This former university professor and math department head is a clear thinker and a clear writer. If you enjoy math, you'll love his site. If you hate math, you may still enjoy his site. Like I said, he is a good writer.

Lastly, if you are still enthralled with self-proclaimed experts, read this take on Jim Cramer.

Dear blogger, maybe we'll meet again at the September blogger dinner and maybe I'll be able to tell you my Money site is up and running and full of helpful advice.


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