Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Can you beat Jim Cramer?

Comedy Central's Jon Stewart has been having fun at the expense of Mad Money's Jim Cramer. Stewart has been pointing out that just weeks before Bear Stearns crashed and burned Jim Cramer was encouraging investors to buy Stearns stock. Check out the link to the Huffington Post story.


Cramer has been making the rounds, The Today Show and Morning Joe with Joe Scarborough, trying to defuse the Stewart criticism.

What's the truth? Is this Bear Stearns stuff really being taken out of context, or is it indicative of the poor quality of Cramer's advise? Check out Cramer's track record at:


His accuracy is less than 50%. One could do as well flipping a coin and yelling "Booyah!" Take a bow, Jim, and slink off the stage. "Boo, yah!"

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